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Tuesday 12 January 2021

NIN Generated From BVN Record Is Invalid - NIMC

The National Identity Management Commission NIMC has announced that the NIN generated by the BVN can only be used after it has been updated at the NIMC enrollment Center.


Recall that shortly after the Federal government mandated everyone to register for their NIN and link up with their mobile numbers, a message that went viral on social media claimed that those who had registered for Bank Verification Number already have NIN. Thus, they do not need to register for NIN. The message indicated that people with BVN can retrieve their NIN by dialing *346#.

“Good news: So many Nigerians have NIN and they are unaware. The truth is that everyone that did their BVN when it was introduced in 2014 has NIN automatically assigned to them.

“Just dial *346# with the same number you registered for BVN and retrieve your NIN. Don’t go to NIMC centres to queue, Covid19 is real,” the message read.


However, a tweet posted by NIMC says integration between BVN generated NINs and any SIM card will be regarded invalid.


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