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Monday, 22 February 2021

I’m Ready To Face Trial In Hague For Defending Biafra – Nnamdi Kanu

 The leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, has said he will not hesitate to face trial at the International Criminal Court, ICC, in Hague, if protecting Biafrans against wanton genocidal attacks by killer herdsmen and terrorists warrants his appearance at the ICC.

Kanu made the declaration on a live broadcast on Radio Biafra on Sunday.

He lamented the persistent provocations and extrajudicial killings by security agencies across the Southeastern region of Nigeria.

The IPOB leader accused the world of keeping silence over the plight of Biafrans despite complaints and petitions by IPOB as well as indicting reports against the Nigerian authorities and security agencies by some reputable global agencies, including the UN Rapporteur on human rights and Amnesty International.

He said apart from alleged state-sponsored oppressions and blatant marginalisation and exclusion against Biafrans, killer herdsmen and terrorists had continued to attack communities in the region unchallenged by the security agencies.

“Herdsmen will attack us, rape our women, destroy our farms and kill our farmers nobody will arrest them but when we try to defend ourselves, the government will come after us, rolling out the tanks and using their helicopter gunboats,” he lamented.

Kanu explained that the incessant raids by herdsmen and the silence of the Nigerian authorities to tame criminals gave birth to the creation of the Eastern Security Network, to protect Biafran locals against terror.

He, however, regretted that instead of going after the perpetrators of the grievous crimes against innocent citizens, the Nigerian government rather chose to declare war against mere volunteer vigilantes as demonstrated in Thursday’s airstrikes in Orlu.

The IPOB leader who said the Orlu military raid signified the beginning of the second Nigeria/Biafra war said he would mobilise people in defence of their ancestral land irrespective of the consequences.

“If defending our ancestral land against conquest by Fulani Janjaweed invaders will take me to the Hague, I am ready to go to the Hague,” Kanu said.

“The world has the indicting report by the UN Rapporteur against Nigeria but they have not done anything. Do we have to wait until we are all killed before we defend ourselves?”

Kanu said the world watched helplessly as the Nigerian government used force against mere peaceful agitators while on the other hand it dialogues with, and facilitates amnesty and payments of ransoms to bandits and terrorists who have not shown any remorse or sign of stopping their killing spree.

According to him, world leaders ought to have demanded a probe of Nigerian leaders, including some northern governors and Islamic clerics over their romance with bandits. He said he would declare 40 days of prayer and fasting by next week for Biafrans all over the world to seek God’s presence, and for more spiritual fortification for the task ahead.

Kanu, who insisted that Biafra has a Jewish foundation, said Israel can never be defeated by their enemy because of Abraham’s covenant with God, which according to him, also follows Biafra. He expressed optimism that Biafra would soon be restored despite stiff opposition by the Nigerian state and her international collaborators as well as internal traitors.

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