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Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Man. United New Signing, Amad Diallo Fined £42k Over Fake Documents

Manchester United's new signing, Amad Diallo has been fined £42,000 amid an Italian immigration probe into his arrival in Europe.

Born in Ivory Coast, the young winger travelled to Italy with his brother Hamed in 2015. The pair first settled in the northern city of Parma, where prosecutors launched an investigation into their move last July.

The investigation looked into allegations that a child trafficking ring of five adults smuggled the two boys into Italy on a family visa six years ago, including two who falsely claimed to be their mother and father, Hamed Mamadou Traore and Marina Edwige Carine Teher.

Amad and Hamed, even had DNA samples taken and were questioned by police along with several other linked parties.

The false documents were said to have been used so Diallo could sign for junior club Boca Barco in 2015 and Atalanta three years later. It was also alleged that Amad Diallo Traore was not the player's real name and Hamed may not even be his brother.

He later dropped the name Traore on his 18th birthday last July and legally changed it to Diallo in September.

A statement said that the two players used 'false certifications that had allowed them to reunite in Italy with fictitious parents'.

For their role in registering with clubs using false documents, they were found guilty of breaking Article 4 and Article 32 of the Code of Sports Justice.

The FIGC, Italian football's governing body, then decided to hand out the fine after the 18-year-old winger and his brother Hamed, who plays for Serie A side Sassuolo accepted a plea bargain to avoid a ban.

The governing body stated that Diallo had: "Allowed, in order to be able to enter into his first professional contract with Atalanta, on 11 July 2018, the use of the false name Traore Diallo Amad.

"Other non-registered subjects (Traore Hamed Mamadou and Teher Marina Edwige Carine) carried out acts aimed at obtaining false or altered documents to circumvent the rules on entry into Italy and membership, as a non-EU citizen already residing in Italy.

"It was found that they pretended to be the parent of the footballer, using false certificates attesting the relationship of kinship.


"Finally, for himself, to obtain subsequent membership cards with companies affiliated with FIGC, continuing to use the false certifications that had allowed him to settle in Italy with fictitious parents."


It added: 'The two requested "the application of the sanction pursuant to art. 126 of the Code of Sports Justice", that is, the plea bargain: the Federal Prosecutor's Office has thus imposed a penalty of 48 thousand euros for Amad Diallo and another 48 thousand euros for Hamed Traore.'

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