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Monday, 22 March 2021

Yoruba Traditional Rulers, Politicians Against Oduduwa Republic Will Be Sent On Exile—Sunday Igboho's Aide

 Sunday Ighoho's spokesman and radio presenter, Olayomi Koiki has said traditional rulers and politicians of Yoruba extraction who are against the agitation for Oduduwa Republic will go on exile.

He said further that there would be no retreat in the push for a sovereign nation for Yoruba people.

Koiki said this in a viral video on Saturday. 


He, however, said that there were Yoruba chiefs in support of the agitation, saying those ones would be spared, as he berated many monarchs and political leaders for allegedly causing the impoverishment of the Yoruba people.


In the video he made in Yoruba, the media personality said those who cautioned on war should know that Nigeria was at war with the effrontery of the Fulani militias to attack the Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom. 


"Apart from those who spoke audibly well, but who did not, we will chase them away. Mark my face. My name is Olayomi Koiki. You older generation sent us the younger generation into slavery. But, we are informing you now that if you have what to use to protect yourself, please do because what we are telling you is not a little matter.


"You will go on exile because many of you have brought damage to the Yoruba people.


"You are saying we shouldn't start a war, you didn’t know that war had started in Nigeria since the inception of the country. You will be madly shocked when we unleash deadly agitators. You think we are joking but we are starting with you.


"Aside from the traditional leaders that have spoken audibly, tell the traditional rulers and politicians that we are not playing. My name is Olayomi Koiki. Mark my face. I'm a confirmed Ijebu-Ode indigene. I will contend with you thoroughly."


He expressed confidence that the people of the South-West will do well.


"You think we are joking. The southern governments have been given 30 days' ultimatum. But before and after that 30 days deadline, it will be fierce, except if the movement is false. But if we are supported by Olodumare, the Yoruba will separate from Nigeria.


"UK is just 67 million people and they are flourishing, and we that are more than 67 million people are suffering. And someone from his palace is telling us not to start war, war has begun in Nigeria.


"If you are saying there is no war in Nigeria, the Governor of Benue State was almost killed. And you are saying there's no war? You didn’t talk when Yoruba people were refugees in Benin Republic. You will see madness. Whatever you have, bring it out, and we will bring ours too. Yoruba nation, there is no going back. Have a very good evening."

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