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Friday 2 April 2021

ISIS Member Blows Up Her Baby In Suicide Attack

An ISIS terrorist reportedly blew herself and her baby up as security forces closed in on their hideouts.


The suspected jihadi bride denoted an explosives belt after forces killed her husband during counterterrorism operations in Tunisia, security forces claimed.


Tunisian squads were tracking an extremist group in the Mount Salloum area of Kasserine province when they killed the suspected jihadi.


His wife then blew herself up by activating a suicide vest, the Interior Ministry said in a statement.

 Reports say the explosion killed her baby that she was holding in her arms when she set off the explosives.


Her older daughter at the scene is believed to have survived.


The ministry said on Thursday night, March 1, that security forces killed a suspected leader of Tunisia's Jund Al Khilafa brigade in their second operation around the Mount Mghila area.

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