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Wednesday 14 April 2021

Northerners Introduced Injustice, Imbalance Into Governance –Amaechi


A first Republic Minister of Aviation, Mbazulike Amaechi, has faulted politicians from the North for introducing imbalance, injustice and unfairness into Nigeria’s governance.


Amaechi claimed the extensive military regime piloted by Northerners generated a lot of imbalance and unfairness in the country’s governance system.

The elder statesman stated this in an interview with journalists on Tuesday, stressing that the presidency can come from any region of the country.

He, however, lamented that nation’s present predicament of the federating units is not an epitome of the ideal and original principles the founding fathers inherited from the British administration.  


Amaechi said: “In an ideal situation, a President of Nigeria should come from any part of the federation but the Nigerian situation is not ideal because all the component units of Nigeria as presently constituted in present-day Nigeria, which the founding fathers of the country created or inherited from the British administration, are not as they were created.

“The long military government led by the North introduced a lot of imbalance, injustice and unfairness.”

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