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Sunday 18 April 2021

You’re Enemies Of Your People If You Participate In 2023 Elections—Secession Agitators Tell Southern, Middle Belt Politicians

 The Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination (NINAS) has called on Nigerian politicians in the South and Middle Belt of the country not to participate in the 2023 general elections.

NINAS stated that any attempt by political leaders from the regions to participate in the forthcoming elections would be tantamount to working as the enemies of their indigenous peoples oppressed by the present government.

The group revealed this during the World Press Conference on Saturday, tagged: ‘Constitutional force majeure – activating people’s power’.

While delivering the speech, Otunba Sade Odukoya of the Ilana Omo Oodua, said the political class from the regions should not coerce the masses into voting under the current 1999 constitution of Nigeria.

She faulted the political leaders for their failure to honour the request of the NINAS for consultations with the people having given them 30 days.

“As Nigeria continues to wobble in the throes of what seems its sure demise as one political union, we welcome you warmly to this very important milestone carefully programmed advancement of the objectives of the December 16, 2021, Constitutional Force Majeure Proclamation of a sovereignty dispute arising from grave constitutional grievances of the constituent components of Nigeria that must now be addressed by the operators of the Nigerian state,” she started.

Odukoya stated further that Nigerian politicians in the two regions failed in actively considering the proposals submitted by the group, “despite frenzied attempts by agents of the Federal Government of Nigeria to rush to the National Assembly for amendments to the fraudulent 1999 constitution on provisions touching directly upon many of the grave constitutional grievances raised in the union dispute proclamation of December 16, 2020.

“It is in this regard that NINAS is now informing the political merchants of the South and Middle-Belt across all the political parties in Nigeria, that any decision by them or their political parties to go to another round of national elections in 2023 will be interpreted as a clear-minded choice to help the enemy preserve 1999 constitution and this will mean sabotaging the self-redemption initiative of their own people and the alliance.

“NINAS strongly advises the political parties and political merchants in the alliance territories not to put themselves on a head-collision with the peoples of the territories in their quest for self-preservation via Self-Determination."

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