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Monday 17 May 2021

Cattle Have More Economic Value Than Oil And Gas - Adamu Garba

Former Presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba has started off yet another controversy with his claim of cows having more economic value than the entire oil and gas reserve in the country. 


Garba who took to Twitter to lay out the claim, also disclosed that he supports Miyetti Allah's directive for Fulani herdsmen to leave Southern states. 


He tweeted; 


I perfectly agree with this proposal. All Fulani present in Southern Nigeria should come back. We shall use the cattle, process the resources, and sell all over the world as finished goods. Miyetti Allah Asks Fulani Herders To Leave Southern States

Cattle have more economic value than the entire oil and gas reserve we have in Nigeria. Our major stakeholders in the North must admit cows as business opportunities not just culture & invest heavily to bring #CowToCurrency to reality. Cows alone can solve all Northen problems.


Garba also listed ways the Northern part of the country can make money to develop the region through cattle business. 


He added; 


The job opportunities, the manufacturing centers, & the connection to global hubs of demands for the best cattle meats can open more doors and set for the liberation of Northern Nigeria from cheap and somewhat, useless oil assets. We must invest in harvesting the value of cattle

A litter of Cow at N350 is much more than the value of a liter of oil at N145. With over 20 million cows, take 1/3 as milk-producing female on average of 5 liters a day, we'll have almost N12Bn/day from cow milk. That's about N700M/state/day. About N21Bn/State/Month.

That is much higher than the Monthly Allocation the largest state receives in the North. Again, each cow can generate a minimum of 3 Jobs. Rearing, Slughtring, Processing, marketing, Selling, and management. 5M cows =15M jobs. I marveled at the laziness of Northern Governors.

Northern Governors think awarding contracts for building roads, taking their cuts is all they need for themselves. Doing so has subjected the North to condescension and dehumanization from some elements in the South. The time is now for them to wake up to our potentials.


The former Presidential aspirant also claimed that the 2023 election will be a "game between cattle states & non-cattle states". 


He tweeted; 


It is becoming increasingly clear that the 2023 election is a game between cattle states & non-cattle states. Let's be blunt about this. If Northern leaders do not wake up to this urgent reality, the target will not just be the cow, but the cow harboring states & their adherents

From each cow, you have: Oil Meat Skin Milk Horn Bones Dungs Grasses More fertile land.

You also have:: Land Gold Diamond Silver Oil/gas Cement Rivers Fishes All Agricultural produce culture values forests Sahara etc. Why would you ever wait for Oil and Oil only? Shame!


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