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Wednesday 26 May 2021

Groups Mobilise, Call Nigerians To Rise Up For National Protest Against Insecurity, Poverty On May 31

 A number of organisations under the aegis of The Peoples Alternative Political Movement (TPAP-M) are planning a nationwide campaign against insecurity and poverty in Nigeria on May 31.

TPAP-M stated that the campaign to commence on the last day of May is aimed at asking critical questions which the political elite in the country must provide answers to.

It also said the protest is basically to put a stop to the security crises ravaging the country and impoverishment bedevilling Nigerian citizens, thereby asking people and organisations to join in the planned demonstration that will put an end to an avalanche of problems in the country.

The group made this disclosure in a statement made available to SaharaReporters on Wednesday.

It said, "We are a very broad, diverse, and united alliance of social forces, including the The Peoples Alternative Political Movement (TPAP-M) - and her affiliates; the Labour Movement (organised trade unions); the Alliance On Surviving COVID 19 And Beyond (ASCAB) and her affiliates; Joint Action Front (JAF) and her affiliates; Coalition Of Northern Groups (CNG) and her affiliates; Green Alliance Nigeria (GAN) and her affiliates; CONGOS - Edo; North East Development Association; among several others.

"We have all come together at this critical juncture in our history, when due to the historical incompetence and negligence of the ruling class and their various political regimes, over the past few decades, have brought our nation to the brink of a major catastrophic existential crisis, threatening the precipitous collapse of our country and the annihilation of our people across the country.

"We are today as a nation and people confronted with the twin crises of insecurity and mass poverty and misery, both of which have reached pandemic proportions. No single part of the country is safe and secure.

"It is not a coincidence that mass poverty; mass misery; joblessness; collapse of means of livelihood, systems and opportunities; homelessness; levels of collapse of basic social services in education, health, housing, etc.; rising energy costs - fuel and electricity; and intensifying levels, scope, and degree of violent crimes and insecurity; are currently at their highest levels, not only in living memory, but also in our history.

"This is why we have come together to collectively take our destiny into our owns, to Stand Up, Stand Firm, and Shout Out that 'Enough Is Enough.'" 

With the commencement of the campaign, the group asked the Nigerian government to call for meetings involving the Nigeria Police Council and the National Economic Council, among other demands made to address the current situations in the country.

"The National Day Of Action Against Insecurity And Mass Poverty, as the beginning of a peoples campaign, is thus being called not only to make demands on the state, the current regime, and the inept and congenitally corrupt ruling class.

"It is also being called to enable the working peoples and the labouring masses of our country, impoverished by the anti-people policies and governance of this ruling class, and victims of its incompetence and governance failure, who bear the brunt of the consequences of insecurity; to come together, agitate, make their demands, and take their place on the pedestal of history, and assert our right to live in dignity, comfort, free from fear and want, and able to act in our own interests.

"Towards this end, the Campaign Against Insecurity And Mass Poverty, beginning with the National Day Of Action makes the following demands on the state, the regime, and the ruling class; and insists that the demands be met:

"Immediate convening of the Nigeria Police Council to discuss the security challenges facing the country and adopt a pro-people policing plan, to secure the lives and properties and livelihoods of all citizens and residents;

"The Policing Plan must involve the people and their representatives and must guarantee the right of self-defence of communities, such the communities and neighborhoods are enabled to establish Community Self Defence Committees, drawn from residents of each community and neighborhood, and the management of which must include representatives of all stakeholders and residents in the given communities and neighborhoods;

"We further demand the immediate convening of the meeting of the National Economic Council to deliberate on the economic crisis facing the country and our people, and the initiation of a broad, inclusive, multi stakeholder process to review all subsisting economic policies and the policy environment on the economy, with a view to terminating and replacing all anti people economic policies;

"We demand that the pro-people policing plan, must include mechanisms to ensure that this raging violence is nipped in the bud, that perpetrators and perpetuators, are arrested and prosecuted, and that victims are compensated by the state;

"We demand a total upgrade of our policing agencies; by increasing the personnel strength, equipping and training them and adequate provision for their welfare.

"We demand an immediate end to the arbitrary sacking of workers across the country; and demand immediate compliance with the National Minimum Wage Act, by all employers of labour in public and private sectors; We demand that all outstanding wages and allowances owed to workers be paid, and reject the arbitrary practice of state governments in reducing the wages, and allowances of workers, and in reducing and refusing to pay the pensions and gratuities of retired workers;

"We reject any plan to further hike energy costs - in price of fuel and electricity tariff; as these costs are not only already at unbearable levels, but also because these prices hikes are the major contributants to the rising and unbearable costs of living, expressed in rising inflation.

"To enforce these demands and ensure that they are met by the state, we are launching a campaign, commencing with a National Day Of Action on Monday, 31st May, 2021," the statement further read.

TPAP-M called on Nigerians in the country to join the protest.

"We urge all Nigerians, every citizen and resident, the working peoples and the labouring masses, to commence preparations for this campaign and the national day of action; and to organise and mobilise towards its success.

"The statement above is to be endorsed by organisations that support the Campaign Against Insecurity and the Proposed National Day of Action. Please if you support the statement send the name of your organisation to this email;; so that it can be added to the finalised document.

"Organise Now! Mobilise Now!! Act Now!" the statement added.

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