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Sunday 8 May 2022

Improving Technology: Technology Business Cycle For Better Customer/Client Satisfaction


Improving Technology: Technology Business Cycle For Better Customer/Client Satisfaction

Case Study: Nigeria

I Don't Live In The Abroad, Neither Do I Live In All Parts Of Africa, But I Live In Nigeria. Nigeria And Africa At Large Will Always Be A Good Technology Market For Investors Because Of The Level Of Technological Exposure And Utilization. 

Technology In This Context Is Not Just Focused On Developing New Stuffs, But Rather It Focuses More On How To Improve End-users Experience And Satisfaction; To Ensure Customers Are Pleased With Your Services.

With My Level Of Exposure To Real-time Technologies, I Can Assure You That No Technology Company Offers Their Customers/Clients 70% Of Quality Service. Why? This Is Because Of The Different Touch Points. Even If Company A Can Assure You Of 100% QoS, Because Company A Also Rely On Company B For Optimality, This QoS Slowly Reduces.

The Only Thing That Strive In Nigeria Is The Competition. And This Is Not Because Company A Is Offering Better Services Than Company B, But May Be Rather The PRICING. Yes Pricing. This Is Another Strategy. It Is Very Sad To Say That It's Absolutely Difficult To Achieve 100% QoS In Nigeria.

What The Government Need To Do:

1. Improve Internet Services

2. Invest In Technology

3. Provide Financial Support

What Private Companies Need To Have In place:

1. Research Team: The Core Duty Of The Research Team Is To Find Ways On Improving Technology For Better Customer/Client Satisfaction.

2. Technology Team: This Team Is Constantly Fed With Information From The Research Team In Building New Technologies For Better Customer Experience.

3. Quality Assurance Team: Their Job Is To Thoroughly Test The Newly Developed Technology.

4. Deployment Team: After Being Certified 100% By The QA Team, Their Job Is To Deploy These Technologies For Customer/Client Consumption.

5. Business Development & Monitoring Team: Their Job Is To Constantly Ensure That Customers Are Satisfied With The New Technologies, Get Feedback From Customers/Clients About Their Experiences, Constantly Give Feedback To The Research Team On Ways To Improve Technology.


Abraham Isinguzoro, CEO Project Zendaya

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