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Saturday 11 June 2016

INTERVIEWED: I want to do the work of God but I need prayers – Julius Agwu

Ace comedian, actor, musician, and MC Julius Agwu, is a consummate entertainer. The father of two, Zara and Zadok, has continued to re-in­vent himself, making him one of the most relevant brands in the comedy business where he is mostly known for his spontaneity. For over two dec­ades, Julius the Genius Agwu has established himself, through his ample comedy shows – Crack Ya Ribs, Laff for Christ Sake and Festival of Love – which have attracted unprecedented followership across the globe. A couple of months back, the frontline entertainer survived a brain sur­gery making a turning point in his life. In this interview, the comedian revealed that as a second chance, he’s giving priority to the things of God.

So much has been said by you concerning your sec­ond chance at life after a successful brain surgery. Can you describe what sec­ond chance is all about?
Everything about me is new now. I am renewed, restored and re­formed. I’m a new being.

What has the experience changed about you?
Now, I’ve realized it’s family over everything else. I spend more time at home with my children and my wife – my family. And I have a new content director. He’s Senator, the comedian. I do not go to the office the way I used to, unless, it’s very important that I have to be in a particular meet­ing.

I used to do a joke that I be­lieve that God wants me to work for Him. But I keep saying that joke that He should give me a di­rect call. I don’t want Him to flash me. I don’t want Him to give me a missed call. Let Him call me di­rectly; show me the signs that He really wants me to work for Him. And I believe this whole thing is God showing me a sign. I have realised that God wants me to use my talent for Him. He wants me as an instrument to work for him, to raise a new generation of am­bassadors because His children are going astray.

Some people tend to have an unusual experience when they are in coma. Was that the case with you when you had a seizure and went into a coma?
I started seeing dead people, I saw my dad and even my fa­ther-in-law. I saw one of my staff Abagada and one of my point man, Kingsley. He had heart is­sues and he died. He never had a second chance so why won’t I thank God? It was a process for me so I don’t know why I should go back and sin. You know, some­times, our fear in getting close to God is that, if we consider cer­tain things, how I go take man­age? I never ready, I never prepare! When will you be ready? When you are dead? So I have decided to give Him my all. That is the honest truth.

For most celebrities, wom­en are one of their short­comings. How do you han­dle the attention you’ve already attracted to your­self before now?
There is no doubt about that but I deleted a lot of people from my BB. What I ask my fans, friends and family now is to pray for me because I will need serious prayers. When a man decides to change his ways, there are seri­ous hurdles, that is when the dev­il wants to test you. So, I’m also trying not to put myself in a vul­nerable situation, like going to the club or hanging out unless it is work-related. I’m not cut out for it anymore. Now, I spend more time at home with my family.

I have a PA now that will be travelling with me anywhere I’m going to. So, those are ways you should check yourself so that you are not in a situation where you can easily be tempted. The kind of business I’m involved in, the women, daughters of eve, are a major shortcomings. That’s why some entertainers would not want to say that they are married because they don’t want to lose their female fan-base. That’s why we have more baby mamas now. Artistes don’t want to be linked to one woman; it is wrong. I am proud of my family; I display my family. If you like me for who I am, fine! If you don’t, it is ok.

What was the most heart-felt message you ever got at that time you had health is­sues?
The truth about it is that, those that I didn’t expect were the ones that showed me love the most. A lot of people that you feel were friends and brothers abandoned me. But life teaches us a lot of things. When you are faced with misfortune, that’s when you’d re­alize who a lot of people really are. And it was a wonderful ex­perience. Those are the things I talked about in ‘Life As I See It – Julius Agwu the Rebirth’. Like I said before, it’s all about the fam­ily, my dear. At times, I look at my kids, I look at my wife and I say so this is it. If I had left, the best people would have done was two days of putting me up on their DP (displayed picture/ profile pix) and I become histo­ry. So, I really would thank my family first, my extended fami­lies, my in-laws, my siblings be­cause it was prayer and then my fans who were prayerful through­out, those genuine prayers is why I am alive today because there are those who didn’t mean well too. Those who set up the gossip too, I thank them. And friends who showed up and friends who did not bother to even reach out, God bless everyone.

How did your wife take in all that happened at that time?
What I remembered she said was when the doctors tried and tried and I was lying there lifeless, more or less, she started thinking and weeping that she would go home and people would be com­ing to visit her (as a widow) as young as she is. That she could not fathom it. She was just crying. I can imagine. During those time before I eventually broke down, we would conduct vigil, pray and pray but it seemed as if an answer wasn’t coming. I got tired myself. One day, I came back and start­ed showing her where my proper­ties are and other things. She said, ‘where are you going to?’ I said just in case because I didn’t know what was happening to me. And I told her that day, “baby it seems I will give up, I’m tired of all these things.” But she said God forbid. That was before the seizure so I knew what I was passing through. I guess God allowed it for me to learn. It’s for a purpose.

There is this notion that there are no true friends in your industry. What was your experience?
That is the truth about the indus­try. The truth about the business is that, we are all colleagues; we are not friends. A lot of people see you as a competitor so when things like this happen, they say sorry but in their heart, they say, abeg make him do go die. For you to know how far, person go fake ’im own death make e for ‘blow.’ You suppose no say na serious thing. Those who are family are those who genuinely care about you, those who reached out, who asked. But life is a teacher, I’ve learnt. There are those who formed as if they showed concern but deep down, they are not hap­py I survived. But I will appreciate Heritage Bank. They supported me in spite of all the challenges. I appreciate Arik Air. I also appre­ciate Globacom, I was away but they put my name on Laffta Fest.

What was the worst thing that was said about you?
People said I had HIV. They said I had cancer. Some people said I had turned imbecile!

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