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Sunday 26 June 2016

{RELATIONSHIP} He doesn’t show me enough love

I met my fiancé two years ago. He proposed last year and I agreed to marry him. But we stay in different states and he does not have a good job yet; circumstances have forced him to supply bread for a living. This man has a Masters’ Degree but is still looking for a job in his area of study but the situation in the country now has not helped his prospect of getting something in that field.

I am now worried because I feel he does not show me enough love. By this, I mean he does not make serious efforts to call me and we hardly use loving words with each other. I understand that this may be as a result of his frustration, but also wish everything was different. I do not want to add to his problems by complaining or telling him how I feel but also believe I need to do so. Please can you advise me how to do this?
Dear Chinwe,
I am happy you say you understand your fiancé’s situation. Understanding is the key to solving a situation like this. He loves you enough to ask you to be his wife. He made a specific com­mitment to you because of his love for you. The major challenge is having good means of livelihood. He is strug­gling to build a future that you two will be proud of, one that will be com­fortable for both of you. This is a phase that you both have to pass through and learn to sacrifice for each other. You, therefore, need to support him.
Work on ways to improve your com­munication. Say those words you crave for to him, this will help him open up too. In the meantime, you would need to empower yourself so that you can have means of livelihood and a way to meet some of your basic needs (that is if you don’t already have). Your relationship is already defined and therefore the two of you need to come together and support each other. And please, don’t hold back; learn to tell him what discourages you and also tell him your worries; that you feel in­secure. Please do not develop negative thoughts and feelings towards him. The way I read your situation, you two are going to pull through. I wish you good luck. I know a love story when I hear one and believe me, yours sounds like one with a very good ending. God bless you dear.

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