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Friday 4 August 2017

FEMINISM: The African Misconception (PART 5)

Misconception 5:  Feminist are angry and seeking Gender Supremacy

The reason feminism is not a supremacy movement is because the goal of feminism is not to promote the superiority of women, but the equality of men and women. Thus, there is no sense of supremacy, but a sense of balance between the genders in political, social and economic issues.

It’s a pity that the egocentric nature of Men in this clime is such that their inferiority complex problems blocks their logical sense of reasoning and understanding that women just want to be treated like humans to and not a piece of furniture.  I still want to repeat that, feminism is bordered on the ideology the principle of doing to others what you can tolerate when done to you.

There is a #FACT emanating from several studies which states that, women with high IQs find it difficult to settle for less in terms of relationships. In Nigeria, majority of men perceive women who aren’t married at a certain age as feminist. In most cases these women are very successful and are perceived as angry feminist even when they are neither.

Sometimes I wonder how men who have more successful wives manage to stay in love and in a marriage with their “feminist” wives, talking about women like the late Dora Akunyili, Okonjo Iwela etc. After giving this so much thought I concluded it all boils down to MATURITY on the part of the husband especially and of course the woman too.

To conclude that Feminism seeks gender supremacy is the most childish and most unintelligent thing to think or say. Physically the Man is stronger, Biblically the Man came first, Socially the man has more dominance, Politically men dominate etc. What Feminism tries to accomplish is, If women find themselves on the same playing field with men, treat them like humans. Stop the gender bias on every level. I can’t imagine a world without men, neither can I imagine a world without women. We need each other. If she is important to your existence show her she is, same measure to the women folk.

An illustration of seeking social equality can be seen from the example of Jesus, where he save a woman from being stoned because she was caught committing adultery. It’s even possible that the man she committed the act with was also part of those ready to stone her to death. That was a simple case of do to her what you can tolerate to be done to you if you were in the person’s shoes.

Feminist are not angry people, they are just in some level of Pain by seeing themselves in the shoes of the people being treated unfairly. Pain changes people. Feminist do not hate men because a particular feminist doesn't like you doesn't mean she is not in love or likes other men. Feminist definitely makes good wives and can be religious. As a man don’t expect that you should be able to get along with all women because you are a man. People have preferences. No be every kin woman any kin man go fit put for house, shoe get size. I say this because for African men it boils down to exercising authority over every woman they come across. Just imagine a Bus driver telling someone like a female minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria that, no be woman like you I put for House. Simple answer to such stupid statement is; yes na woman you put for house but not this one.

The feminist movement isn't here to infringe on the rights of men or undermine them in anyway or even seek for the Female gender domination; it just here to ensure that in Political, Economic and Social issues women are given same measure of treatment as their male counterpart like in the example of Jesus. Both the Man and Woman ate the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden and were both cast out. Not minding who gave who to eat. That’s what I call ‘Same Treatment’.

Feminism looks out for the right of everyone be it male or female. Equality is the key word. We should all be Feminist. 

------By JIM

Jim is a writer who dwells on human rights and social issues

Twitter: @jimbiochore.

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