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Sunday 21 June 2020

I Can Never Be A Threat To Governor Oyetola Second Term - Ogunwale


I was greatly astounded when I heard of the rumour making round that a meeting was held in Osogbo, Osun State where the incumbent governor of Osun State, Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola, allegedly said, I, Senator Felix Kolawole Ogunwale (aka Jumokol), is the only problem to his second term and a threat to him. The rumour further has it that the governor added that if I am given Senatorial ticket I will divide his votes in Osun Central, which will constitute serious threat. 

Ordinarily, I would have ignored the rumour as unfounded, but for the fact that it kept coming from different angles, I have decided to briefly respond and set the record straight as follows:

I still keep wondering why the governor will erroneously assume that I am a threat to his second term bids yet we know that the Senatorial and Gubernatorial elections will hold on different days. 

Secondly, I cannot be a threat to someone who is presently in power having left the Senate myself since 2007. How can I then be an obstacle on the way of an incumbent governor when I am not even in power for now?

I want to state clearly at this juncture that even when Alhaji Oyetola was contesting as governor in 2018, I only saw his publicity; he never informed me officially, knowing that I am also a stakeholder been a one time Senator. 

Therefore if governance is trying to be difficult for the All Progressive Congress (APC) administration they should quickly contact those who are good enough to help them out.

We all know that their modus operandi is to rake in money, I mean billions of money: for instance they can rake in like N200 billion. And when the election now come around they will take like N20 billion and use on the electorate then use like another N20 billion for other part of agencies that have something to do with the election, thereby choke the other parties and go on to rule ambiguously. But people are becoming wiser and this will be counterproductive by the next election. 

In conclusion, my earnest desire for governor Oyetola is to be alive and healthy to enjoy his government. And I also earnestly desire to be alive and healthy to enjoy my children. 

I CAN NEVER BE A THREAT TO A WHOLE SITTING GOVERNOR OYETOLA and I know, nothing tragic will happen to both of us in Jesus Mighty Name. 

-Senator Felix Kolawole Ogunwale aka Jumokol, former Senator representing Osun Central and former Gubernatorial Aspirant in People's Democratic Party (PDP) Osun State

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