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Sunday 21 June 2020

Popular Instagram Comedian Nasty Blaq Arrested By Nigerian Police

Popular Instagram Comedian Nasty Blaq A r r e s t e d by Nigerian Police who accused him of Being a Yahoo Boy at Ajah Lagos Nigeria!!!
Nasty Blaq who reached out to us via WhatsApp recounted his H o r r i f i c ordeal:
“We were driving to the location where we are shooting our skits and they stopped us and started pointing g u n s at us like we are wanted c r i m i n a l s...they said we should follow them and I’m like officer follow you to where and they never mentioned 
I asked for their ID card they refuse to show me 
Already my friend is inside their bus 
And the othe police man enter my car.

They said I should drive 
I started feeling scared cos this was how my friend was k i d n a p p e d last year by some k i d n a p p e r s that dressed like police officers 
So I went live on Instagram so people will know my whereabout .

Then I stopped my car to question them again but they started yelling at me that they are taking us to the station 
I said officer check my phone and my car if I have any exhibit ( which is the normal thing they do )
They said no that I must reach station 
And I’m like why are we following you people the next thing I heard was if I don’t enter the car they will s h o o t me.

That’s how I fearfully enter the car to avoid d e a t h story 
When we got to the station , they took my friend to the backyard and me to the other side Asking me to give them money I said officer money for what 
He said we are s c a m m e r s 
That 95% of celebrities are into s c a m.
That I’m a s c a m m e r I should give them money 
Thank God to my friends that got involved in the matter 
Oluwadolarz and cuteAbiola to come settle the case”

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